How to install a Veams-Component.

Veams-Component installation process in detail.

A really nice part of Veams is that you can install Veams-Components with Veams-Cli. That means, all files will be copied to your folders and all snippets get inserted.

Installation with Veams-Cli

Just choose a Veams-Component and type the following:

veams install veams-component [componentName]

To shorten that you can also execute:

veams -i vc [componentName]

It is important that you just use the component name without prefixing it with veams-component.

In example you can do the following:

veams -i vc rte

The bower component will be downloaded and all files will be placed in the right directory.

When you want to use a Veams-Component which involves JavaScript you need to be sure to use Veams-JS!

Installation without Veams-Cli

If you want to install it with Bower and just want to do the all the boring copy and paste tasks manually, here you go:

bower install veams-component-rte --save

How does this work?

Veams brings blueprints (our Veams-Component), the configuration file and INSERTPOINTs together.

To get more informations about this, see:

This combination makes it possible to install custom bower components, too!