Getting Started with Veams

What is the essence of Veams?

Veams contains various (pluggable) instruments which are controlled by our custom command line interface.

That's it. To cut the matter short:

  • Veams helps you to kickstart new and complex projects in a few minutes.
  • Veams uses Grunt or Gulp as Task Runner.
  • Veams uses Bower as Web Package Manager.
  • Veams uses Mangony or Assemble as template engine.
  • Veams provides several extensions you can choose of.

Need more points why to use it?

Veams is build to speed up your workflow and keep it performant. It comes with further sub-generators which you can use in current projects:

  • Install new modules in your working project.
  • Add custom handlebars helper files.
  • Scaffold blueprints like Backbone Views, Models and Collections.
  • Install Veams-Components automatically.
  • Scaffold components, blocks or custom types in seconds and place it in your project.

How do you start?

We suggest to install the Veams-Cli. All Veams extensions are available in this CLI and you can test them if you like.