A System to Build Scalable Web Apps and HTML5 Web Interfaces.

Veams is a system which is extremely extensible and efficiently architected.

Task Runners

Task Runners: Gulp & Grunt

Choose Gulp and/or Grunt as Task Runner.

We have plenty of pre-configured modules you can choose of.

Sass and Sass Frameworks

Sass Frameworks

Add Bourbon Neat, Foundation or Bootstrap Sass to your project.

The Frameworks will be automagically integrated and configured.

Static Site Generators

Static Site Generator

Use Mangony or Assemble to compile handlebars templates to HTML.

With our custom helpers we provide a way to scale a project really well.



Integrate test systems like WebdriverIO.

Add code style checks and hint your HTML and JS.

JS Packaging and Managing

Simple Picture

Select Browserify, RequireJS or any other module to manage your JavaScript.

Use ES Harmony with Browserify and Babelify without any configuration.

JavaScript Frameworks

JS Frameworks

Add BackboneJS, ExoskeletonJS or AmpersandJS as MV*-framework.

Extend this with jQuery and Custom Elements.

Veams Extensions

Veams Extensions

Extend your project with Veams extensions like Veams-Sass, Veams-JS, Veams-Components and our Veams methodology.

Sub Generators

Sub Generators

Add further Grunt modules and template helpers or scaffold blueprints while you are developing.

Why Veams?

  1. Fast Scaffolding & Installation Routines
  2. One Single Namespace (veams)
  3. You Can Use It In Almost Every Web Project