JS Starter Kit for Veams.

Veams-JS contains a simple setup for a general JavaScript workflow.

What is the purpose of Veams-JS?


Veams-JS is a simple starter kit with some optional key benefits:

  1. ES Harmony Syntax (you can use CommonJS if you like)
  2. Models, Views and Collections via BackboneJS | ExoskeletonJS | AmpersandJS (Optional)
  3. Ajax Module Handling
  4. Helper functions written in VanillaJS
  5. HandlebarsJS as frontend template engine
  6. Custom Elements support
  7. Flexibility by using Design Patterns (Publish/Subscribe and Mediators)

ES Harmony

For our current development stack we use ES Harmony which gets compiled to ES5.

The benefit of classes, arrow function and block scoping outweigh the additional code.


To compile ES Harmony to ES5 we use Browserify and Babel.

Models, Views and Collections (optional)

Additonally we add ExoskeletonJS as framework to our project scope. This gives us the possibility to scale our projects in a simple way. You can delete it if you like ...

Ajax Module Handling

The main.js uses a core class which contains a render method. This method can be executed with a specific node context. Each module in this context will be initialized. Really easy, isn't it?

Helper functions

Veams-JS includes a helpers object with helper functions. These functions are completely written in VanillaJS so that you can easily use them without any dependencies.

HandlebarsJS (optional)

With Veams-JS you can use precompiled HandlebarsJS templates in custom modules. To precompile templates we provide a grunt task in Veams.

Custom Elements (optional)

With document-register-element Veams-JS adds the possibility to use Custom Elements in your application.

Design Patterns

By using Publish/Subscribe and Mediators Veams-JS provides a way to separate concerns, decouple modules and add flexibility to your application.

We highly suggest to read Learning JavaScript Design Patterns.