How to use Veams-JS.

Veams-JS usage in detail.

Veams-JS: Which files need to be included?

Main Files

To start of you need to make sure you have following files in your js root directory.

  • app.js
  • main.js
  • utils/helpers.js
  • utils/events.js
  • modules/_global/module.js


The app.js defines the namespace of your application. Furthermore in this file you setup all frameworks.

This file is written in plain JavaScript.


main.js contains all modules and is the main entry point. Here you declare the initialization of your modules.


helpers.js exports many helper functions which will be used all over your application.

This file is written in plain JavaScript.


events.js contains a constant which will be used in our Pub/Sub system.


module.js exports a class which does the following things:

  1. Merge options
  2. Save references like this.el, this.$el and this.options
  3. Fire up the initialize method
  4. Fire up the bindEvens method in initialize

Initializing and Event Binding

To initialize our Modules we use a custom loadModule function which you should be used in the main.js.

Furthermore we expect that you be well versed with our Veams-Methodology. In this section we explain how we define our markup and provide options.