How to install Veams-JS.

Veams-JS installation in detail.

Veams-JS is written in ES Harmony. That's why we use Browserify and Babelify ...

Installation with Veams-Cli

Just do the following:

veams install veams-js

You can also shorten it:

veams -i vjs

The bower component will be downloaded and all files will be placed in the right directory.

Be sure you include _get-media.scss into your styles.scss.

Installation without Veams-Cli

If you want to install it with Bower and just want to do the all the boring copy and paste tasks manually, here you go:

bower install veams-js --save

Dependencies in Veams-JS

At the current state we have to install the following libraries and frameworks:

  • jQuery*
  • ExoskeletonJS*
  • touchSwipe (only necessary for carousel/slider module)
  • document-register-element (only necessary for Custom Elements)
  • HandlebarsJS (only necessary for some modules)
  • respimage (polyfill for <picture>, can be replaced or deleted if not necessary)

*Can be deleted if you do not want to use our modules

Installation of Dependencies

To install the dependencies just execute npm i myCustomLibs --save.


npm i jquery exoskeleton touchswipe handlebars respimage --save

Build the Stuff

To build the JavaScript and compile it to ES5 Veams-JS needs Browserify (and Babelify). That's why Veams includes grunt-browserify.

You haven't used Veams but want to try Veams-JS? In Veams-JS there is also a config file included, see helpers/_grunt/browserify.js.