Modifier styles in Veams.

How we change a state of an HTML element.

Modifiers are a nice way to handle other states of an element.


A modifier change is a very simple change. This could be a different background color, float direction or font-size.

This rule should be declared with .is- or .isnt- and is only changing a small context.

Example Snippet

The following example shows you the usage of a modifier (.is-active) on a navigation element:

<nav class="b-navbar" id="site-menu">
    <h2>Templating in PG</h2>
    <ul class="navbar__list">
        <li class="navbar__list-item">
            <a class="navbar__link" href="../templating-in-pg/template-overview.html">Assemble Overview</a>
        <li class="navbar__list-item">
            <a class="navbar__link is-active" href="../templating-in-pg/template-layouts.html">Assemble Standard Layouts</a>
        <li class="navbar__list-item">
            <a class="navbar__link" href="../templating-in-pg/template-layouts--extended.html">Assemble Extended Layouts</a>