What is Veams-Cli?

What is the real benefit of Veams-Cli?

Veams-Cli scaffolds out a new (simple or complex) application in a few minutes or helps you to install components or blueprints.

Veams-Cli provides a command line interface for scaffolds and build processes ...


Boost your web development productivity with Veams.

It helps you to build your web application more quickly, providing you with an automated build process and an integrated lightweight web server.

Setup Applications in a few Minutes

The key benefit is the rapid setup time. You can easily create complex application setups with Veams-Cli in a few minutes.

Under the hood

Veams-Cli uses Yeoman, Inserter, generator-veams and some other modules to provide a nice base.


Yeoman provides a generator ecosystem. You want to know more?


Generator-Veams is module based on Yeoman which we use to scaffold applications or blueprints. You want to know more?


Inserter is module I wrote to insert snippets into files. You want to know more?