Configuration of Veams

How can you customize Veams?

Veams-Cli has some default configs which you can override.

This section takes a deep look into the Veams configuration. When you just started with Veams you should just create a new project and play around with it.

When you already had set up a project with Veams (veams new project) you do not need to configure anything. It is already done for you!

How does Veams works?

Veams needs a configuration file, which is referenced in your package.json.

  "veams": {
    "configFile": "helpers/config.js"

In this config file we have all necessary options.

Configuration File

In the configuration file you need to define an options object.

The following lines are possible:

var srcPath = 'resources'; 
var config = {};

config.options = {
    paths: {
        // Veams config paths
        partial: srcPath + '/partials',
        global: srcPath + '/partials/globals',
        block: srcPath + '/partials/blocks',
        component: srcPath + '/partials/components',
        utility: srcPath + '/partials/utilities',
        scss: srcPath + '/scss',
        js: srcPath + '/js',
        endpoints: [
            srcPath + '/js/main.js',
            srcPath + '/templates/pages'
        blueprints: {}

module.exports = config;

In Detail

Let's take a closer look:

  • partial - folder path to all partials
  • global - folder path to global partials
  • block - folder path to block partials
  • component - folder path to component partials
  • utility - folder path to utility partials
  • scss - folder path to scss
  • js - folder path to JavaScript
  • endpoints - Files or folders where the INSERTPOINTS are used
  • blueprints - object which contains custom templates for your blueprints

The folder paths will be used to copy the files into them:

  • global
  • block
  • component
  • utility
  • scss
  • js

The endpoints files and folders will be used to search into them after INSERTPOINT comments and insert the predefined snippets.

  • endpoints

The blueprints object can be used to define custom templates

  • blueprints

Insertpoint Comments & Keys

With Veams you can add Components, Blocks, Utilities or Custom Types to your project on the fly. Every file will be copied and all snippets will be inserted into different files. You can also install Veams-Components in no time.

Veams uses Inserter which inserts any snippet into any file by using tags or ids in comments.

INSERTPOINT comments are used to identify areas in your files where snippets can be placed.

Example of Insertpoint in Handlebars

<div class="main-section">
    {{! @INSERTPOINT :: @ref: component-partial }}

<div class="footer-section">
    {{! @INSERTPOINT :: @ref: slide-fox, @keep: false }}

The INSERTPOINT comments reference (@ref) an id (@id) or a tag (@tag) in blueprints or Veams-Components.

Generic tags

Here are typical generic tags Veams provides you for your project:

  • Partials: component-partial, block-partial, utility-partial, global-partial
  • SCSS: scss-import
  • JavaScript: js-import, js-events, js-init-once-v3, js-init-once-v2, js-init-v3, js-init-v2