Commands in Veams-Cli

Which options and commands does Veams-Cli providing?

Veams-Cli provides a whole set of pretty neat commands and automatisms.

Veams-cli gives you the possibility to

  • scaffold a new project
  • scaffold a new component from scratch
  • install Veams-JS
  • install a Veams-Component (all or single components)
  • install custom components from your system or from the bower component repository (based on Veams-Component blueprints)
  • install template helpers
  • install grunt modules
  • add a new component or block to your project
  • download Veams-Sass


The usage of Veams-Cli is simple.

You have your namespace (veams), followed by one command (i.e. add), followed by further arguments (i.e. block navigation)

In short this will look like this:


veams command [arguments]


veams add block navigation

That is the general handling.


add-aAdd a component or block to your project (@see Arguments for add)
help-hShow the help.
install-iInstall extensions (@see Arguments for install)
new-nCreate something new (@see Arguments for new)
update-uUpdate veams-cli and all packages
version-vShow VEAMS version

Arguments for add

The adding process happens on the fly. You do not have any reference to an external source like in the install routines of Veams.

block [name]bAdd a block to your projectveams add block navigation
component [name]cAdd a component to your projectveams add component slider
custom [name] [folder]cuAdd a custom type to your project in a specific folderveams add custom special generals
utility [name]uAdd an utility to your projectveams add utility grid-item

Arguments for install

To install something with Veams there have to be a source for it, whether provided by Veams or by yourself.

blueprint [path] [type]bpInstall a blueprint based on Veams.veams install blueprint C:\blueprint\slider component
bower-component [registryName] [name] [type]bcInstall a bower-component based on Veams.veams install bower-component custom-slider slider component (--S)
grunt-modulegmInstall a specific grunt module.veams install grunt-module
template-helperthInstall custom template helpers.veams install template-helper
veams-component [name]vcInstall a specific veams-component.veams install veams-component slider (--S)
veams-jsvjsInstall veams-js.veams install veams-js (--S)

Arguments for new

blueprint [name]bpCreate a new blueprint from scratch.veams new blueprint accordion
projectpCreate a new project from scratch.veams new project