General metadata of your application

Let's dive in and answer the prompts.

Provide a project name and some informations about you.

Prompt No. 1 :: Installation Routine

You can choose between two installation routines:

  1. Custom Installation
  2. Minimal Installation

Custom Installation

Each prompt needs to be answered. But therefore you will get an individual setup.

Minimal Installation

By choosing Minimal Installation you will get the following setup:

  • Grunt as Task Runner
  • grunt-combine-mq and grunt-dr-svg-sprites
  • Assemble as Template Engine
  • Extended Layouts

Prompt No. 2 :: Application|Project Name

Define a name for your new application. This name will be saved in the package.json and Readme.MD.

Prompt No. 3 :: Author Name

You can provide an author name. This name will be saved in the package.json.