Which Gulp-Plugins do you want to use?

Choose Gulp-Plugins and Veams writes the configuration for you!

Veams provides also a setup with Gulp-Plugins. Just add them in the prompts.


For Gulp and our Gulpfile Veams use the node module require-dir to split up the file in multiple task files. You can find these task files in the following directory:


General Gulp Plugins

Veams provides standard (Gulp) plugins. These are:

Optional Gulp Plugins

But you can also apply additional Gulp plugins to your project. Just choose specific ones:

  • gulp-autoprefixer - Autoprefixer parses CSS and adds vendor-prefixed CSS properties using the Can I Use database.
  • gulp-bless - Split your css after you reach size limit for ie9.
  • gulp-combine-mq - When you use mixins for media queries in your SASS files, you can combine your media queries with this module.
  • gulp-htmlmin - Minify your HTML files.
  • gulp-iconify - A mystical CSS icon solution, grunticon-like build system.
  • gulp-requirejs-optimize - Optimize AMD modules in javascript files using the requirejs optimizer.
  • gulp-uglify - Minify files with UglifyJS.