Which Template Engine do you want to install?

Use HandlebarsJS for static site generation.

HandlebarsJS - Veams template engine for static site generation.


Mangony is a yet another static site generator - fast, simple and powerful.

Mangony fulfills just one task: It takes handlebars templates and compiles them to an output directory.

Mangony is feature-rich and a scalable standalone solution.

More details? https://github.com/Sebastian-Fitzner/mangony


Assemble is a component and static site generator that makes it dead simple to build modular sites, documentation and components from reusable templates and data.

You want to know more or want to have an in-depth look? Here you go: assemble.io

Extended Layouts

Assemble and Mangony ship with another pretty nice helper to solve problems with complexity in layouts. These helpers are {{#block}},{{#extend}} and {{#content}} and makes it easy for us to extend specific sections in your layout (for more information see: https://github.com/shannonmoeller/handlebars-layouts).

We suggest you to add this in the prompts for Assemble. In Mangony it the standard layouting procedure.