Do you want to use Veams Extensions?

Add Veams-Methodology, Veams-Sass, Veams-Components and Veams-JS to your application.

Veams combines all Veams Extensions in one single place.


You can add the Veams-Methodology. By choosing this option your project structure will be extended.

You do not know Veams-Methodology? Here you go!


You can add Veams-Components by choosing it in the prompts. Veams-Components is a templating starter kit which contains a simple partial library written in HandlebarsJS.

Furthermore Veams-Components is written with Veams-Methodology.

You want to know more about Veams-Components? Take a look!


You can add Veams-Sass by choosing it in the prompts. Veams-Sass is a utility library written in SCSS.

It contains some need features like:

  • normalize.css or reset.css
  • custom helpers
  • animation presets

Want to see some details?


You can add Veams-JS by choosing it in the prompts. Veams-JS is a starter kit which contains a simple setup for a general JavaScript workflow.

Veams-JS is mostly written in:

  • BackboneJS/Exoskeleton
  • ES Harmony with Browserify and Babel
  • jQuery (in future this can be replaced)

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